5 Steps to Selling Your House Quicker (VIDEO)

5 Steps to Selling Your House Quicker (VIDEO)

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For sale sign in front of a Los Angeles, CA house – Local Records Office

Selling a house is not easy but the internet has made it much easier to do so. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things a lot more remote, easier to sell and buy. Many of the people who have ever sold a house have to experience the stress that comes with the process.

According to the Local Records Office, there are many things to think about before the property goes on the market. If you are planning or you think that one day you might put your property in the real estate market this is an article you must read.

1. Trim and Water Your Landscape

The first thing buyers look at when they pull up to the property they potentially could be interested in is the front yard. If the grass is dried, dead with overgrown weeds it might turn a seller off.

Keeping up with your landscape any agent will tell you right off the bat. The best part about the landscape is that most hardware stores sell ready-to-install grass turfs. Grass turfs or sods are tile-like grass and part of the soil beneath that is held together by the roots and sometimes a thin material. These turfs are affordable and are placed on top of the dried grass.

2. Update Your Appliances

Look at your kitchen appliances; are they older than the house its self? If so, you might struggle to sell your house. Most homebuyers want modern or up-to-date kitchen appliances. Why?

Because newer appliances need less maintenance. A newer refrigerator is easier to fix rather than a turn-of-the-century stove, don’t get me wrong there are a few buyers who prefer the vintage look but for the most part, most buyers prefer modern appliances.

No one wants to buy a new house and a few days or weeks late the refrigerator breaks down leading to another expense.

3. Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh paint of coat does miracles. A fresh coat could make a house look welcoming and reflect the sun nicely. If a property has a brick exterior that’s fine as long as the interior has a nice white coat. Another thing that plays a big role is if the buyers have children. They will want the walls to be bright and fun, according to the Local Records Office.

4. Check the Roof

The roof is one of those things that we don’t think about but plays a big role. Roof expenses could cost a fortune, that’s why checking your roof every few years is important. A leaking roof could be signs of big problems so if it needs work make sure to fix it right away and don’t wait because when rain season you will be sorry you didn’t.

5. Update Leaking Pipes

We all need working plumbing in our homes for our daily uses. Leaking plumbing could cause severe water damage and mold. Water damage is dangerous and toxic to children and adults. Backed-up sewer pipes will cause damage to your foundation and your yards.

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