8 Expert Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

8 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Selling your home can be a long one, with these tips you’ll boost your home’s value while saving money step-by-step

8 Expert Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home - Local Records Office

We all know selling your home can be the most stressful time in a person’s life. Follow these quick and easy steps to improve your home and increase its value.

“The most important improvements people prefer are: open plan living, updated kitchen, bathroom renovation, improved flooring, lighting and a new fresh coat of paint. In addition to upgrades, don’t forget to keep the house clutter free and clean.” – Local Records Office

#1- Removing the Clutter

Generally, people get a little too comfortable in their homes, especially after living in it for 20+ years. And most likely, you have way more stuff in your home than you realize.

Keep in mind, people are tending to buy newer homes and the first step to making your home appeal to the buyer is removing all of the clutter.

#2- Opening your Floor Plan

 Opening up your floor plan will bring up the price exponentially. The open space floor plan is very appealing to most buyers. It will also bring in more lighting as well as give the home that extra space that buyers are really looking for.

Make sure to bring in a trusted contractor for this project requires planning and permits from your City.

#3 – Remodeling Kitchen and Bathroom

I am sure more of you are aware of the Kitchen and Bathrooms being the primary remodels for resell value. Though, in case you are on a tight budget, doing minor repairs can really go a long way.

From refinishing cabinets, to improve flooring, lighting and a new coat of paint will not only appreciate the value of your home, but will also increase the likeness of the readiness to move-in for many homebuyers.

#4- Flooring

 Picking colors of tile or different types of flooring can be really stressful, especially when selling your home. It sets the mood for most buyers as one the first things that they see. Even though, you picked out your favorite designed tile, most homebuyers will end up ripping it up anyhow.

When you have an open floor plan, cohesive flooring throughout your home is found to be more appealing. Also, picking out flooring based off of your market price is key.

For example, you would not put laminate flooring in a million dollar home. But in case your home is a little bit less than average price, or you doing a rental, the laminate flooring has come a long way from what it used to be.

“There are also design consultants at your local Floor and Décor that can help you design your whole floor plan for free, and they have a great selection of flooring for a low cost”, says, Local Records Office

#5- Fresh Paint

You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to paint a wall. A fresh coat of paint can really change the vibrancy of your home. Do not use too bold of colors, or too dark because it can scare away your homebuyers.

Also, having stamps or subtle design décor can enhance the floors. Painting your garage with a fresh coat of white pain is also a very important step many people miss. This will increase your home value and make homebuyers more appealed to the ‘newer’ feeling of your home.

#6 -Dressing up your Garden

The first impression of driving up to your home with a low-maintenance proper garden can scare many buyers away, as most of the time, they end up driving up to look at the outside of your property first.

Make sure to maintain a healthy look from the inside out and dress up your garden. Even simple rocks and Southern California plants are low-maintenance and more energy efficient, as it saves on water.

#7 – Energy Efficient

Putting in new insulation, installing new windows, to energy efficient lights and appliances will make a huge impact on homebuyers choosing to buy your home. As it will also save on bills, and keep the house warm and cozy during the holiday season.

#8 –Keeping your Home Clean

Making sure to maintain a clean environment for people is a huge deal breaker. Keep your pets outside, during the selling season, or spray and clean after them as it is necessary homebuyers see your home is well-maintained.