Traveling Real Estate Agents Perks and Careers

Traveling Real Estate Agents Perks and Careers

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Traveling agents have a lot of perks one of them is obviously traveling, who doesn’t like traveling? We don’t really hear about a traveling real estate agent or real estate investor, it’s one of those jobs that aren’t as popular as the typical 8 AM to 5 PM agent, but traveling not just for work is amazing.

People who travel frequently experience different cultures and get to see things other folks don’t. Traveling is great for expanding the mind and spirit. Traveling doesn’t have to be to the other side of the world it could be to other states within the United States. These traveling hacks for the traveling real estate investor and an agent from the pros at the Local Records Office will help you from beginning to end.

1 – Travel as Light as Possible, It Will Help You in the Long Run

This should be a no brainer; this is number one for a reason when you travel light you travel smart. Traveling light will save you money by avoiding luggage fees and will enable you to move around freely. When you pack versatile items like a white long sleeve, a blue long sleeve, and a black long sleeve you could mix and match these items with any pants.

When you pack shoes you should only pack 1 pair of dressing shoes and 1 pair of sneakers, this way you have your business shoes and your athletic shoes to walk and explore the city. A common myth is that the more days you travel the more clothes you’ll need, this is wrong.

Nice durable luggage will keep your clothes intact. When purchasing a luggage set ‘don’t be cheap’. Luggage sets should be durable and versatile. Avoid chunky luggage sets. Chunky luggage sets will take up too much space and will usually go over the weight limit. Choose between a 2 wheeler or 4. The 4 wheeler sets will spin 360 and are more durable. Buy a luggage set that you could easily replace the wheels since wheels are usually the first thing that breaks, right next to the zipper.

2 – Think About the Time That Will be Spent at TSA Check In

TSA check lines are usually long; make sure you give yourself extra time just in case something happens. Think ahead about traveling on holidays, 3-day holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s are usually the busiest. When traveling overseas you will have to go through TSA and US Customs so you will need even more time.

TSA also has a great feature called the TSA PreCheck, this feature lets you get pre-approved by TSA for around $80 for 5 years and you will be able to take the shorter line.

3 – Food and Water

Bottled waters are not permitted while going through any airport. If you want the water you will have to purchase it while inside the airport. Keep in mind that food and water are available inside the airport but it usually costs twice as much and the lines are really long.

For some reason, airport food is not made as good as it is outside the airport. Avoid stomachaches by eating at home or before getting to the airport. If you suffer from a weak stomach as many Americans do, suck it up and don’t eat at all because you will be paying the price at 40,000 feet in the air. If you want something to snack on you should bring trail mix or energy bars. As a real estate agent or investor, you want to keep yourself hydrated and well-rested.

4 – Electronics and Cellphone

If you’re like the millions of Americans who communicate through a cellphone you want to keep it in a safe place. Even the best cellphone needs to be charged so make sure you keep your charger where you could easily get it or have a power bank that will give your phone the juice it needs. Power banks come in handy when you need to charge your phone or tablet.

When on a long flight most of us rely on our phone and tablet to keep us entertained, the worst thing that could happen is that your phone, tablet, and power bank run out of batteries. Make sure to charge your electronics the night before so you could take those important real estate calls.

5 – Headphones (Earphones)

Headphones are crucial on long flights. Headphones will keep you entertained and will cancel out all the extra airport noise. A lot of modern headphones have microphones so you could make phone calls without taking them off.

Another good reason you should bring your headphones is that when you’re in the air it will block out the airplane motor noise, it will keep you from hearing the annoying loud passenger and the crying baby. As a real estate agent, you need to get the most rest you could possibly can so using your headphones will help.