5 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won't Tell You

5 Things Your Real Estate Broker Will Never Tell You


When it comes to selling your house you want to get the most money possibly, that’s why we hire real estate brokers to help us with the difficult and time-consuming process. The Broker is the person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of the property attempting to sell the house, but sometimes brokers go for the bucks $.

Here are 5 things your real estate broker will most likely never tell you.

The Open House is Not Only to Sell Your House but to Get More Clients

When you hire the real estate broker he or she will most like suggest hosting an open house, so possible buyers could casually walk in to see the house. Many resources have shown that by having an open house you will increase the chances of selling your house.

Having an open house serves another relevant purpose- for the broker that is. When potential buyers come in the door and decide not to buy the house the broker sees it as a potential buyer for another house.

When another couple walks in and are looking at the house the broker will try his or her best to sell but if your home is too big or small the broker will try to sell the other properties he has on his list. In just a few hours of walk-ins the broker has already increased his chances of selling other properties.

The Broker Will Play The: We Can Negotiate Fees Game

There has been a high demand for homes these past couple of years and if and what does that mean? More brokers and more deals. The broker will try to hustle you and act like the price is permanent, but that’s really not the case – especially in a market with high demands for affordable homes.

When brokers compete for properties in large quantities they can clear out fast. Make sure you have numerous options.

Broker Will Tell You There Hasn’t Been Any Offer When There Has Been a Few

The broker you hire to sell your property is obligated to tell you about all the offers that come in, IT’S THE LAW. It’s good to know the law because some won’t tell you if you don’t ask. Perhaps he thinks the offer is too low but in most cases it’s too low for his own purpose. You have to remember brokers get “commission”. The higher the sale is, the bigger the commission.

Sadly, The First Thing They Will do is Talk About You Behind Your Back

You’re driving down a neighborhood and you see a lovely home, you call the number. This is the top ways buyers stumble on a broker. The broker will tell you about other lovely homes in the area, hoping they’ll give a higher offer. You guys get to chatting and laughing, it’s easy to get loose-lipped and forget whom you’re dealing with: someone else’s agent.

If The Broker is Not Telling You What You Need to Know About a Property Just Get a Report From Local Records Office

Sometimes brokers will work for what’s best for them and go where the biggest commission is. At this time the best thing to do is to get a property report from Local Records Office. Property history reports have been becoming more common over the years.

People seem to be more interested and want to take things into their hands instead of waiting for a broker or an agent. Local Records office makes it pretty easy to get a history report for any house. They offer foreclosure activity on any home, criminal activity, demographics and even academic information in the area.