ATLANTA, GA — Atlanta has been named one of the fastest-growing cities in America according to a new study.

With the Census Bureau reporting that the south and west held 14 of the 15 cities with the largest population gains in 2018, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its report Monday of 2019’s Fastest-Growing Cities in America.

The study ranked the economic growth in Atlanta (1=Fastest-Growing; 258=Avg.):

70th – Population Growth
38th – Median Household Income Growth
76th – Job Growth
135th – Poverty Rate Decrease
137th – Regional GDP Growth
119th – Unemployment Rate Decrease
211th – Growth in Number of Businesses
93rd – Working-Age Population Growth
127th – Foreclosure Rate Decrease
178th – Median House Price Growth
Atlanta ranks 57th overall and 8th in terms of large-city growth.

To determine where the most rapid local economic growth occurred over a period of seven years, WalletHub compared 515 U.S. cities across 17 key metrics, based on two key dimensions, “Sociodemographics” and “Jobs & Economy.”

The data set ranges from population growth to college-educated population growth to the unemployment rate decrease. In addition, WalletHub produced a separate ranking by city size.