ATLANTA, GA — A Fulton County grand jury has indicted a former Atlanta police sergeant after he shot a man who was leaving a motocross event at the Georgia Dome in February 2017. Mattieu Cadeau, 58, has been indicted on aggravated assault after Noel Hall and his family traveled to Atlanta in a small passenger van, from their home in North Carolina, to watch his son participate in a motocross event at the Georgia Dome.

Just before 10:30pm, the event ended. Hall, his wife, their two sons, his grandson, and another passenger left in their van. As Hall and his family traveled along Northside Drive outside the Georgia Dome, prosecutors said they encountered Cadeau, who was working off-duty directing traffic. Hall was attempting to turn onto Ivan Allen Boulevard to retrieve the same motocross bike his son rode during the Georgia Dome event, but Cadeau would not allow him to make the turn.

Hall decided to make the turn anyway in an attempt to retrieve the motorbike. Cadeau, prosecutors said, brandished his service weapon and fired one close-range shot at Hall into the van. The bullet struck Hall in the back of the arm, traveled through his bicep, into his side before exiting through the middle of his chest.

The bullet then traveled through the passenger side window and almost struck Mrs. Hall who was seated in the passenger seat. The bullet only missed Noel Hall’s heart by two inches. Hall survived and none of the other five people who were in the van were injured. Cadeau was fired in May 2017.