PHOENIX, AZ — The Phoenix Police Department is hiring, offering competitive pay and benefits alongside many ways to increase wages. A social media post asks applicants to give the police department a call.

Lots of money is available for officer pay and allowances. Here’s a look at what they offer.

Police recruits get a $47,798 salary during the 20-week academy. Upon graduation, the salary raises to $51,480 and can go as high as $74,901.

Here’s a look at what the Phoenix Police Department offers officers on top of base pay. See the police department’s website for more information.

Career Enhancement Pay

Up to $7,612.80 annually based on professional training.

Bilingual Incentive Pay

Additional $10 per hour on top of regular pay while engaged in translation activities, including paperwork, investigation time and court appearances.

Productivity Enhancement Pay

After seven years, officers get $80 extra for each year of service over six years, up to a maximum of $2,080 per year at 20 years of service. Then, it’s up to a maximum of $4,00 per year at 22 years.

Nightshift/Weekend Pay

Officers get an additional $.60 per hour on the night shift and $.25 extra per hour on weekend shifts.

Compensatory TimeBank Option

Officers can store up to 300 hours of overtime and have the option to cash out or take time off.

Paid Court Overtime

Officers get paid at time-and-a-half for time spent at court appearances with a minimum of three hours of court time for each appearance. Court standby time is also paid at time-and-a-half with a minimum for two hours per day while on standby.

4/10 Hour Work Schedule

Officers work four 10-hour days each week. Officers get a 30-minute paid lunch break and a 15-minute paid break which can be combined into a lunch break.

Vacation Leave

  • 1 to 5 Years of Service – 8 Hours Per Month = 96 Hours Per Year
  • 6 to 10 Years of Service – 10 Hours Per Month = 120 Hours Per Year
  • 11 to 15 Years of Service – 11 Hours Per Month = 132 Hours Per Year
  • 16 to 20 Years of Service – 13 Hours Per Month = 152 Hours Per Year
  • 21 Years or More – 15 Hours Per Month = 180 Hours Per Year

Personal Leave

Officers get 20 hours of personal leave time annually.

Holiday Pay

Officers get 11 paid holidays every year. Officers who work on paid holidays get an extra eight hours of pay for that day.

Education/Tuition Reimbursement

Officers get $6,500 annually for tuition, books and lab fees at accredited colleges and universities in related fields of study. Officers also can use up to $500 of this fund to attend training schools, seminars, and classes that aren’t affiliated with an academic institution.

Department Provided Equipment

Officers get a firearm, gun-belt (including equipment carriers such as a holster, magazine carrier, etc.), handcuffs, ammunition, pepper spray, breast badge, flat badge, traffic vest, helmet, fingerprint kit, puncture-resistant gloves, tape recorder.

Uniform Allowance

Officers get $1,150 annually for uniform and equipment purchases.

Ballistic Vest Allowance

Officers get $1,000 initially for their ballistic vest and again every five years for a new vest.

Health and Life Insurance Provided

Retirement Plan Provided

Applicants can contact a recruiter at 602-534-2677 or by emailing the Phoenix Police Recruiter here.