What Questions Do I Need to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Buying a Home?

What Questions Do I Need to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Buying a Home?

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Real estate agent protecting a family and their home – Local Records Office

Buying a home is one of the biggest accomplishments. So asking important questions to help you take the next step is crucial. One of the most difficult things when buying a house one goes through is real estate problems. This is why so many people choose to go the legal way and get legal help. The only issue is that they don’t know what they are looking for and what questions should be asked.

The Local Records Office in Bellflower, CA has created five important questions you should ask your real estate agent.

1. How Long Have You Been Selling Homes in the Real Estate Market?

Real Estate is one of those things that even though you read tons of articles in a magazine and on the Internet you still your doubts. Real estate is known for being complex.

Hiring an experienced broker that has sold many properties will help in the long run. Why? Because they know where to look and they pay attention to little details like the right neighborhood and new shops that are going to be built in the neighborhood that will boost your property value over time. They will also look for locations near freeways and schools.

2. Where Are You Located? Are You Familiar With the Are?

This is not a must-ask question but it will give you a good idea of where the real estate agent currently lives. A lot of buyers don’t ask this question because they may think it’s too personal but it’ll give you an insight into what type of taste they may have.

If a real estate agent tells you he lives in a certain part of town but they live on the other side that is a major big red flag. They might be hiding other things and you should run the other way.

3. Can You Provide Me With References?

Let’s be honest no one wants to deal with a real estate agent that doesn’t have relevant references. The agent might have had 1 good sale five years ago but no good leads after that, if the agent cannot provide you with good references it’s time for you to find another one.

4. Can You Recommend Other Service Providers that You’ve Worked With?

This is another way you could tell if a real estate agent is experienced. How? Because think about it, the more people he has worked with the more people he will know.

He should be able to recommend brokers, contractors, movers, inspectors, and construction workers. If your agent doesn’t know of anyone to recommend that should be a problem.

5. How Long Have you Been in the Real Estate Business?

Many real estate agents will claim to be in the real estate business “many” years to look more experienced and get more clients, but the truth is that they’ve only been around for a few ‘months”. Sadly many people fall for this, so keep an eye out and do your homework. A real estate agent will provide proof and not make excuses.