DETROIT, MI — Lyft is awarding three local non-profits with grant money. The company announced the quarterly recipients of its local grants program in Detroit and it impacts causes ranging from foster kids to minorities.

In July 2019, Lyft announced over 40 cities will start to award Lyft ride grants to nonprofits on a quarterly basis to help bridge transportation gaps for individuals and families. Lyft’s local grants initiative was developed in 2018 to help Lyft identify and connect with some of Detroit’s hardest working organizations.

Here are the non-profits:

#1 – Spaulding for Children

A private nonprofit child welfare agency that is a national leader in developing and providing resources and training for foster and adoptive families and those who serve and support them.

They believe that every child is adoptable. They find permanent homes for children that are in the public child welfare system and supports families in maintaining their children safely in their homes.

Spaulding provides research-based training/education for those interested in becoming adoptive and foster parents. Spaulding has preventative support programs for young pregnant women or young mothers between the ages of 13-24 that have children with risk factors for child abuse or neglect.

Their program includes assistance, training and mentoring for the most vulnerable parents and has achieved a significant success rate in keeping families intact.

The agency will use the Lyft rideshare grant to facilitate the birth family’s visitation with their children that are in foster care or to access services needed to address areas of safety. Spaulding for Children was awarded $1,000 in Lyft ride credits.

#2 – Chaldean Community Foundation

A foundation that offers a variety of programming to assist individuals in need with American acculturation and put them on a pathway to stability. The foundation plans to use their grant to provide transportation to and from ESL, vocational, or citizenship classes. Chaldean Community Foundation was awarded $1,000 in Lyft ride credits.

#3 – Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

An organization that is rooted in the vibrant culture of the Latino community in Detroit, whose mission is to make a difference by creating life-changing opportunities for thousands of youth and adults each year.

They plan to use their rideshare grants to help members of their communities with high transportation barriers gain access to the services they need. Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation was awarded $1,000 in Lyft ride credits.