CHICAGO — Federal prosecutors have charged a Democratic state representative from Chicago with offering a bribe to a state senator in exchange for support for a bill that would benefit a lobbying client.

In meetings at restaurants in Skokie and Highland Park, the representative arranged with the senator to make a series of payments to a designated third party, and in return, the senator would sponsor legislation expanding “sweepstakes” gaming, according to the FBI.

Luis Arroyo, 65, was charged with one count of federal program bribery and made an initial court appearance Monday in federal court, the U.S. attorney’s office announced.

Arroyo has represented the Northwest Side 3rd District since 2006 while also managing the private lobbying firm Spartacus 3 LLC. He serves as the assistant majority leader in the Illinois House.

According to prosecutors, Arroyo offered to pay $2,500 per month to a state senator in an effort to gain support for sweepstakes-related legislation. The legislation would have benefited one of Spartacus 3’s clients.

On Aug. 2, the senator met with Arroyo, a person referred to as Individual A and one of that person’s associates at a restaurant in Highland Park.

“I worked with [Individual A], ah, as a consultant. I cannot work as a legislator with somebody if it’s illegal. I just can’t. He knows that. I cannot be part of something that’s illegal. That’s just like being part of the mob or being part of a gang that’s selling drugs. I can’t be part of that. I’m not going to taint my reputation for something that’s illegal,” Arroyo said, according to the complaint. “Nobody has said it’s illegal, so that’s why I keep pushing.”