The Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and El Segundo Police Departments conducted a minor decoy sting throughout the three cities on Sept. 21, police said.

A decoy was sent into 18 on-sale establishments within the three cities in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages – 16 were successful in preventing selling alcohol to a minor, and the other two were cited, the press release said. A decoy was sent to 34 off-sale establishments within the three cities – 32 were successful and two were cited for selling alcohol to a minor, the press release said.

Employees working in the following establishments were cited for providing alcoholic beverages to a minor:

  • Green Store (2151 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach)
  • Chevron (3633 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach)
  • Ercoles (1101 N. Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach)
  • Office Downtown (206 E. Grand Ave., El Segundo)

“The Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and El Segundo Police Departments are committed to providing the finest police service to residents, businesses and visitors in our communities,” MBPD said. “We expect the results of this minor decoy sting to provide a better understanding of the need to comply with alcohol related laws and regulations, which will enhance the safety of our citizens and protect the quality of life that exists in our communities.”

Hermosa Beach currently has 97 bars, restaurants and retail stores which are licensed to sell alcohol; Manhattan Beach has 113 and El Segundo has 101, the press release said.

Police officers from the three cities and ABC investigators partnered to provide training to ABC licensed establishments, conduct briefing training to patrol officers, and conduct inspections and sting operations to determine if licensed establishments are abiding by state laws and local operating permits, the press release said.