SEATTLE, WA – The Superintendent of Public Instruction has released the latest figures on school bus safety inspections. The stats come from inspections conducted by Washington State Patrol over the last year.

During each school year, WSP conducts two inspections per district. One, the summer inspection, is planned in advance. The other, the winter inspection, is done at random. When WSP finds a fault, a bus is put out of service.

A school bus can be put out of service for multiple reasons. WSP inspectors focus on essential systems like brakes, steering, and exhaust. The complete criteria for putting a bus out of service can be found here.

Most school districts in the Puget Sound area passed inspection with only a few buses put out of service. Tukwila was one of the few with a 100 percent passing rate.

Here are the results for the 2017-18 bus inspections. The totals include both summer and winter inspections.